RDR Audio & RDR Location Recording, based out of Upstate/Central NY, offering location recording services, from multitrack capture of live events, live mix for broadcast, and temporary studio install at any location.  RDR Audio brings over 30 years experience in both studio & live recording and mixing, as well as extensive Network & Cable broadcast mixing..  Based around a Pro Tools HDX recording format, with iZ ADA and Antelope conversion, a Digidesign D-Command ES, preamps from API, GML & ATI, extensive vintage and modern outboard, ATC, Yamaha, and Aviom monitoring, regulated power, and an extensive collection of classic and vintage microphones, the equipment is world class.  Check out the pages with inventory and pictures, and contact me with any questions or to discuss your next project.

Mark Cochi • Owner / Engineer

RDR Audio • RDR Location